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How do we differ from other Student Painting Companies?
Whereas other larger student painting companies focus on large volumes of work produced and sales figures, we focus on the end product and our clients. We listen to your needs and make sure we deliver exactly what you want. Other student painting companies are franchise/sole proprietorship agreements where managers change out every year, which means quality is a variable, not a certainty. For us, we feel that way of doing business is totally backwards. We start with the client first, and everything else follows. Referrals and healthy margins are byproducts of a professional grade job. With PD Student Painting, we are the most skilled and experienced student painters in the Golden Horseshoe. We continue to improve and get better with every job, and have an addiction to growth and learning, not big numbers.

How do we hold up to other professional painting companies?

We let our work speak for itself. Over the years, we have accumulated an impressive portfolio of completed projects and many glowing client testimonials. The proof is in the pudding; just have a look at our previous work and testimonials section! Other professional painting companies often like to associate our youthfulness with inexperience and inability, however, we see our young age as our greatest asset not our greatest liability. Our energy, strength, and determination are unmatched.

Where do we get our paint from?
PD Painting uses product from Dulux, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore. I have negotiated savings with each of these paint manufacturers, and I pass on those savings to you. I am not blindly loyal to one company; I like different product lines from each of these companies, depending on the situation and application. I would be happy to talk to you about the nuances and subtleties across different product lines (trust me, there are many!)

How Much do we charge?
I get asked this very often, so I figured I would answer it here. Pricing is dependent on the job. There are so many variables to account for in a paintjob, it is impossible to have fixed rates. Every project is unique, and often during the estimate, I uncover many things that the client has not considered or missed completely. That being said, I am able to give ballparks on certain things. It should be emphasized though, that they are ballparks, and are subject to change upon the introduction of different elements and factors that weren’t considered before.

Is our work Guaranteed?
Yes! All of our work (subject to some exclusions) is guaranteed for 2 years against defects or failures. If anything goes wrong within that time frame, Peter will make it right.