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PD Student Painting offers a full range of interior and exterior painting services as well as preparation measures.

The list below is not exhaustive; they are just the most common things that we are hired to do. If you are uncertain about if your project falls within our scope of ability, please just message us!

Walls – accent walls, chevrons, barcode stripes and of course, just straight painting
Trims – baseboards, doors, door frames, crown molding
Furniture – cabinets, cupboards
Ceilings – popcorn, California knockdown, flat, plaster

Full brick houses,
Rough hewn cedar siding, aluminum siding
Fascia, soffits, eaves troughs, siding, downspouts
Windows, garage doors, door frames, metal doors
Decks, fences arbors, pergolas

Power washing,
Chemical stripping
Wood filling
Drywall repairs
Wallpaper stripping